TBI: Now What? Setting your student up for success. Considerations for educators, clinicians and parents
Gina Piccolini, MA, Founder/ Director Educational Success Alliance
Social Communication and Traumatic Brain Injury
Lyn Turkstra, PhD
The Josh Goblowsky Story
Josh and Mark Goblowsky
Direct Instruction: A Closer Look
Marcy Stein, PhD
Traumatic Brain Injury in Preschool Children
Brenda Eagan-Johnson, DEd
Managing Executive Function Impairment after Brain Injury
McKay Moore Sohlberg, PhD, CCC-SLP
Accommodations, 504s and IEPs following Brain Injury: What Every Educator Needs to Know
Linda Brown, DEd, Melissa McCart, DEd, & Marinda Peters, PhD
Medical Perspective - Concussion Update 2022
Michael Koester, MD
Trauma 101
Amy Yilik, EdD & Erin Taylor, NCSP
10 Things Special Educators Should Know
Linda Brown, DEd. Educational Specialist, Oregon Department of Education
The Neurological and Behavioral Consequences of Traumatic Brain Injury in Juvenile Offender Population
Georgina Engelson, School Psychologist, Region 5 TBI Liaison
Inclusive Practices for Students with Traumatic Brain Injury
Michael Salitore, EdD & Eric Wells, EdD
Access to Curriculum: A Universal Concern
Debra Fitzgibbons, Oregon Technology Access Program Coordinator
Assessment of Students with Traumatic Brain Injuries
Susan Davies, EdD
Promoting Successful Hospital to School Transitions for Students with Brain Injury
Jennifer Lundine, PhD
Understanding and Working Effectively with Students with Moderate to Severe Acquired Brain Injuries
Sharon Grandinette, MS, Ed, CBIST
Section 504 and Remote Learning
Winston Cornwall, Civil Rights Education Specialist
Accessibility in Distance Learning: Making the Case for Universal Design
Debra Fitzgibbons, OTAP Coordinator
Credible History for School Psychologists
Bethany Bowers
Implementation of Max's Law in Oregon High Schools
James Chestnutt, MD & Samuel Johnson, PhD
Report to Congress on the Management of TBI in Children
Juliet Haarbauer-Krupa, PhD
The Role of the SLP in Multidisciplinary Concussion Management
Jim Wright, M.A., CCC-SLP
Outcomes for Children with History of Traumatic Brain Injury before Age 6 Years
Julie Haarbauer-Krupa, PhD
Transition Assessment and Students with TBI
Laurie Kahn and Daniel Cullen
Using Apps to Help Executive Function Issues in School and Everyday Life
Michelle Ranae Wild
Growing Gratitude and Altruism in the Brain
Christina Karns
Section 504 & Title II (ADA): Lessons Learned
Winston Cornwall
Behavior for High Need Students
George Sugai, PhD
Managing Concussion Complexities
Gerard Gioia, PhD
Functional Behavior Assessment for Students with Brain Injury
Cathy Jensen
Use of Cognitive Rehabilitation to Support School Success for Persistent Effects Post Concussion
McKay Sohlberg, PhD, CCC-SLP
Using Assistive Technology to Support Executive Functions Following Brain Injury
Laurie Ehlhardt Powell, PhD & Michelle Wild
Interpreting the IMPACT Test
Viviane Ugalde, MD
Career Development after Brain Injury
Laurie Gutmann Kahn, PhD
Communication with Families after TBI
Roberta DePompei, PhD
Childhood Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: Adult Outcomes
Audrey McKinlay, PhD
Assessment of TBI and Eligibility
Ryann Watson-Stites, PhD